Professional Event Services



"Our mission is to engage companies to build a solid blueprint for success.”

We specialize in producing high touch B2B, B2C and B2G events that connect organizations with a target mission. Our services offer taylored solutions i,e; workshops, hackathons and customized conferences, strategic partnership engagement, as well, we have a global team of talent to build your next dev project. We are at the helm of innovation and possibility!

Founder, Tracy Vasaturo


Tracy Vasaturo - Founder

Traces team of block agents are innovative thinkers who bring forth quality thought, process and care to our client needs.

Allison Rae Wenrick.jpg

Allison Wenrick - Marketing Manager

We believe in taking a collaborative approach and leading the path towards growth while building a stronger community.

Alyssa P.jpg

Alyssa Penecale - Operations Manager

Committed to empowering people through technology, we believe that the foundation is building a real community around blockchain.